T-BOX audi mmi 2g/3g bleetooth


T-BOX audi mmi 2g/3g bleetooth

Multimedia system for Audi cars with MMI 2G and MMI 3G Bluetooth A2DP (AptX,AAC,SBC) music streaming (A1, A4, A5, A6, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7)

Full integration into the on-board system. Designed to meet all the needs of Audi owners, with the possibility of high-quality sound output without loss of quality.Capabilities:Connect any device via Bluetooth A2DP music streaming (AptX,AAC,SBC);Fully digital audio Digital audio AptX, without the use of digital-to-analog converters (AUX, etc.);High-quality sound without loss, noise and interference;Full compatibility with the standard Audi system (control and display of information on standard monitors), autotranslation of Russian characters for the dashboard screen;Compatibility with streaming services (Yandex.Music, Play Music, Zaycev.net, etc.)Hands-free mode (a system that allows you to talk and control your phone without the help of hands)Player for playing mp3, flac, lossles content (downloaded tracks on your phone)

MMI 2G (2nd generation)

Installation time:

A6 (4F) Lim. Week 05/2004> Week 44/2008

A6 Avant (4F) Week 02/2005> Week 44/2008

A6 Allroad (4FH) Week 12/2006> Week 44/2008

A8 (4E) Week 26/2002> Week 36/2008

Q7 Week 06/2006> Week 21/2009

A5 Week 08/2007> Week 35/2008

A4 (8K) Lim. Week 36/2007> Week 21/2009

A4 (8K) Avant Week 03/2008> Week 21/2009

MMI 3G (3rd generation)

Installation time

(equipment is available – 6.5-inch color LCD 1/4 VGA resolution (480 * 240)) with the installation of 2 SD cards on a DVD-ROM – 7T2)

A4 Week 22/2009>

A4 Allroad Week 22/2010>

A5 Week 22/2009>


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T-BOX audi mmi 2g/3g bleetooth



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